Buying and fixing a no-name roller for a John Deere 323E skid steer

Fixing a roller for a john deere 323E skidsteer

Buying and fixing a no name roller to work on a John Deere Skid steer and discovered something seriously wrong!  It wouldn’t fit my John Deere skid steer because the skid steer plate was developed wrong plus the hydraulic cables were also incorrect.

Let see if we can fix it.

This project took about 2 days, purchased a few parts from John Deere, and Amazon to get it back up and running.


00:00 = Introduction
02:21 = Getting it stood upright
03:35 = Cutting off the bottom skid plate holder
05:28 = Mounting the new skid steer plate
07:20 = Precision Welding by Mark
09:13 = Severe Thunderstorm Warning
09:28 = Moving it all inside
11:53 = Prep for Paint
13:01 = Installing the hydraulic lines
15:20 = Yeah she is vibrating
16:40 = End of the Project

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