John Deere 35G Quick Hitch Template – CAD Ready, CNC Machinable (GCode Ready) for JD 35G Quick Hitches.


Are you in need of a John Deere 35G Quick Hitch Template? Look no further! This template file comes in multiple formats to help you create your own custom John Deere 35G Quick Hitch parts.

This template file is delivered in various formats including CAD, GCode and CNC machine ready. The easy to use file will save you time and money in creating your own custom parts.

The John Deere 35G Quick Hitch Template will also allow you to make adjustments and customizations to the part to your own exact specifications. This is useful for custom parts and one-off pieces.

The file is designed to be easy to use and navigate. With detailed instructions and documentation included, anyone can quickly access the file and use it to create parts and customize them.

The John Deere 35G Quick Hitch Template is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create their own parts for the John Deere 35G Quick Hitch. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, this template will help you quickly and easily create your own parts.

John Deere 35G Multi-Format Template DXF, STL, PDF, Fusion 360 (F3D), FreeCAD (FCSStd), Sketch Up (SKP)

Ready for G-Code Generation in multiple CAD Formats

Multiple Formats Provided in Compressed ZIP File:
DXF – Data Exchange File
STL – 3D File
F3D – Fusion 360 File
PDF – B Sheet Scale 1:1 Drawing File (Easily Load in Adobe Illustrator)
SKP – Sketch Up File Format
FCSStd – FreeCAD

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Yes – We supply the main Fusion 360 3D File

Yes – There are multiple formats that will work with FreeCAD.  You can download FreeCAD here ( and use multple formats to generate G Code.

Yes – We supply mutiple file formats to use in your favorite cutting tools that generate machine G-Code output.

Yes – Everything is drawm to actual file size

We only charge $20 for our templates and the money is used to help support our channel growth to build other CAD models.  More on the way . . . stay tuned

No – This is deisgn for personal use only to help create add-on tools to for your John Deere 35G

Yes – Yes to make your own add-on tools, however you can not sell this template.  If you have ideas and want to work with us you can email us at

Yes – We tried to add every CAD type program to where it can be imported to scale and used to make a John Deere 35G quick hitch template.

Customer Reviews for John Deere 35G Quick Hitch

“Mike, thank you for the John Deere 35G template and your videos. I work with my dad on the farm and it was so easy to bring into our plasma cutter and generate the template. Thanks for all the file formats, it was a super help”
John William Jr. - New York
“Sweet! Thanks for all teh template formats it was probably one of the easiest templates I have used. It worked perfectly in FreeCAD and added the both plate to the bottom then into Mach 3! Love the videos!”
Edward Richards - Maine
“I use Fusion 360 and it only took about 20 minutes and had my G-Code created for Plasma CAM. I might be an old timer but I like how you provided all the options. I ended using the DXF files which was a huge time saver. Thanks!
Sally Rosen - Vermont