Installing a 200 Ft French Drain with John Deere 110 TLB

Installing a French Drain

How to Install 200 Ft of French Drain. A French Drain is a way to divert the water away from your project area and in this case it’s a new garage, addition and driveway going. To build a French Drain you need a trencher preferably 36” long and 6” wide. Once trenched you add 4” of crushed stone 4” on the bottom, 4” perforated pipe, then filling the remaining hole with crushed 3” about 25 inches, Its important not to cover the top with Top Soil, so the water can flow in nicely.

    00:00 = Introduction
    01:30 = Projection Introduction Explained
    05:15 = Digging 200 Ft of French Drain
    10:50 = Equipment and Changing Accessories
    16:53 = Laying Down the first 4” of Crushed Stone
    21:48 = Installing the 4” Perforated Pipe
    22:05 = Filling the trench to the top and finish
    23:08 = Final Wrap up


  • From LandPro: John Deere 110 TLB
  • From LandPro: Work Force DB36 Trencher
  • From LandPro: 24 Foot, Hydraulic Tilt Trailer
  • Duramax Denali Truck
  • 4” Perforated Pipe from Home Depot:
  • 4” Couplers for Pipe from Home Depot:
  • 4” Grated End Cap from Home Depot:
  • 20 Ton CR#3 Crushed Stone from Potter Gravel


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