Portable On-site Screening

Why On-site Portable Screening is worth it

  • It’s an attachment that acts like any other attachment, making it a compact to operate
  • It’s quieter to operate on-site
  • It saves the customer money and makes you money
    • Were paid the machine hourly rate
    • Were paid from 5 to 7 per ton to process the customers material on-site
    • Customer saves from 10 to 15 per ton, plus trucking fees
  • No service or greasing daily
  • No chains to service
  • Stainless steel bearings require no service, its all is sealed
  • BONUS: You can even wash the material onsite
  • The machine is lighter, portable, and cost-effective
  • It’s an attachment like any other attachment, with ZERO maintenance

FlipScreen is a revolutionary and innovative screening technology that is ideal for all types of machines, ranging from 1 ton in weight to 50 tons. This portable add-on accessory has little to no maintenance and can easily be attached to tractors, skidsteers, telehandlers, loaders, and excavators. To learn more, you can visit their website at www.FlipScreenGlobal.com or give us a call at LandWorks Services (716) 970-4000. 

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Changing Screens

Chucky Topsoil

Engcon Screening

S45 running on a John Deere 323E

74 hp – 9,440 lbs – John Deere 323E has High Low/Flow Hydraulics however to run the FlipScreen you only need standard flow hydraulics.  For the S45 shown below its around 2,248 PSI at 14.3 gallons per minute. 
The S45 weights about 1,279 lbs, and has a screening size of 34.3 sqr ft.
S45 Flipscreen on John Deere Skid steer 323E

E20 running on a John Deere 35G

23 hp – 8,135 lbs – John Deere 35G Excavator, with boom hydraulics to operate the Live Thumb.  These same hydraulics will run the E20 FlipScreen which needs at least 9.9 gallons per minute at 2,248 PSI. 
The E20 weights about 540 lbs, and has a screening size of 12.9 sqr ft.

Time is money

  • Change the screen size with 1 operator in under 5 minutes!
    • Great for quick changes from 2″ Screen to 3/4″ Screen (2 Plus, 3/4 Plus, 3/4 Minus)
    • Easily repurpose your entire foundation, driveway or project on site to saving money
  • It’s a simple attachment running on standard flow hydraulics
  • Handling your product once with control placement of material
  • The ability to screen any material, while handling it only once
  • Easily wash your material
  • It will NOT clog up

You can also reach out directly to FlipScreen at www.FlipScreenGlobal.com or give them a call in Dallas, Texas at (469) 892-2050, they have FlipScreen units that fit machines from 1 ton in weight to 35 tons.  For Tractors, Skidsteers, Telehandlers, Loaders, and Excavators, a portable add-on accessory where there is little to no maintenance.  Check it out it’s kinda revolutionary.  (Get it, Smile)