Rebuilding a Clay and Mudd Pie Driveway

Rebuilding a Clay Mud Driveway

Rebuilding 250 Ft a clay-filled driveway that is about 13″ thick with clay and mud.   The trick to fixing a driveway like this is removing the loose clay and mud down to the hardpan then layout the driveway fabric.  The fabric I use is 12.5 wide by whatever length that is needed and in my opinion is absolutely required if you want to get rid of any sinkholes and you want the driveway to last.  After the fabric is down then you want at least 4 to 6 inches minimum of a screened bank run for the top.   We use a skid steer with an Erskin 6-Way Dozer blade to spread and even out the driveway.  Also on our skid steer, we are using new rubber tracks from ( which works perfectly for tracking in and packing down the driveway.  After the driveway is packed, we then use a vibrating roller to smooth the surface and provide an additional hard-packed top. 

Many times customers will also put a nice limestone top to eliminate almost all the mud from the driveway.  It is also important that the limestone is also tracked and packed down.

This project was in Portville New York we used a John Deere 323E Skidsteer with a 86″ toothed bucket, Erskin 6-Way Dozer blade, and a Vibrating roller for accessories.  We hauled the material using a 16′ PJ dump trailer and hired in a 20-ton dump truck to help in hauling material.

This project took about 70 tons of screened bank run, 250 Ft of driveway fabric, and about 2 days to complete including hauling in the material.


00:00 = Introduction
00:53 = Peeling Away the Clay and Mud
07:58 = Laying down fabric and bring in Bank run
12:10 = Grading the driveway with 6-way dozer blade
21:00 = the Last load of Bank run and continue smoothing driveway
33:33 = Tracking in Driveway with Zig-Zag tracks from Rubber Track Wharehouse
36:40 = Switching 6-Way blade with Roller
41:50 = Project is finished

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  1. From LandPro Equipment: John Deere 323E Skidsteer
  2. New tracks from Rubber Track Warehouse
  3. 86″ Erskin 6-Way Dozer Blade
  4. 86″ Vibrating Roller
  5. 16′ PJ Dump Trailer
  6. Duramax Diesel GMC Truck


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