Erskine’s Rockhound makes rock cleanup an easy task!

Erskine Rock Hound Cleaning a Rocky Mess

Erskine Rockhound makes racking an easy job

Erskine Rock Hound with John Deere 323E cleans up a Rocky Mess

Erskine creates some incredible accessories for Skid steer, and the Erskine Rock hound is a great addition to the landscaping business.

This is a 72” unit running on a John Deere 323E skid steer and it makes light work to cleaning up a stony area mixed with topsoil, mud and stones.  The project we are on had some major water issues due to springs in the yard.  The homeowner had multiple pieces of equipment and done a lot of hand work in diverting the water.   Our job today is to go in and clean up the left-over stone, rocks and prepare everything to be seeded and hayed.  The rock hound is like a racking machine that racks the soil pulling out stones, and any large objects and pulls them into the bucket.   Because of its design it also racks the existing yard without disturbing the lawn.

This project took about 2 hours, to rack, level, fill in low points, and grade smooth for seeding.


00:00 = Introduction
00:23 = Project Description
01:28 = Leveling with a John Deere 323E with Wide Tracks
01:59 = Using the tooth bucket to level grade the area
03:03 = Erskine Rock Hound in Action
05:28 = Crisscrossing your paths preps the soil for seeding
08:26 = Using the stones collected to fill low spots then the wide tracks to level into the ground
09:44 = Leveling fresh Top Soil in low are spots
11:44 = Project Wrapup

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