Installing American Pyramidal Arborvitae Scrubs.

Installing Thuja occidentalis - aka 'American Pyramidal Arborvitae'

Installing Thuja occidentalis - aka 'American Pyramidal Arborvitae', or 'White Cedar' Scrubs.

Close Up Arborvitae Branch
Close Up Arborvitae Branch

American Pyramidal Arborvitae a thuja variety that is a native to the extreme north & northeastern United States. Has a very good shade tolerance along with excellent cold hardiness. The growth rate in shady locations is somewhat slower than in full sun to part sun locations.  This variety does experience some degree of winter discoloration or bronzing, but varies depending upon planting location, severity of winter weather, age, and size of tree. Bronzing is typically seen more often in younger trees, (3 or 4 foot tall) and then becomes less of an occurrence as the trees mature and has been well established in the environment.

The Arborvitae makes an excellent hedge or privacy screen choice. It is recommended to space apart 3 – 5 feet apart for a good tight hedge or screen.  No closer than 3 feet and they grow at a moderate rate of 10 to 20 inches per year.  Can reach a mature height of 30 to 35 feet and provides cover and nesting for many different bird species. In all its a very good, all around evergreen tree that’s easy to grow, and very maintainable.


00:00 = Loading 5 Arborvitae trees, 180 lbs each
01:17 = Hyper lapse from Friendship, New York to Olean, New York
02:52 = Unloading the trees
03:10 = Clothes Basket save the day
03:35 = Tree #1
04:39 = Tree #2
05:58 = Tree #3
07:50 = Tree #4
08:02 = Tree #5
08:18 = Project Wrap up

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