Flipscreen S45 on the Job Site! Amazingly Fast and Easy Screened 300 Tons in 2.5 Hours!

S45 Flipscreen on John Deere Skid steer 323E Made Easy

Flipscreen S45 on the Job Site! Amazingly Fast and Easy, screened 300 Tons in 2.5 Hours!

Currently I use two different screens, 2″ and 3/4″ screens.  2″ I use almost all the time, then switch to 3/4″ for final top soil screening.   The huge advantage is I no longer have to haul away material.  We are able to repurpose all the material onsite.  If I do have to haul away I can handle the material once and screen directly into the dump trailer or truck and chose the material I want to keep or remove.  Less time in material management.

For portable screening is the fastest and easiest solution for working with any material on and machine that’s easy to change screen sizes in under 5 minutes. 

From 2 ton skid steers to 60 ton loaders, the Flipscreen can make screening materials simple, easy and cost effective.  The screening bucket can work for a variety of different industries like: Construction, Municipalities, Public Works, Pipelines, Quarries, Railways, Recycling, Demolition, Concrete, Paving, Landfills, Foundries, Washing, Topsoil, Scrap Metal, Waste and More.  Easily adaptable to wide range of skid steers, loaders, and excavators.

Screen materials like: Foundation Digs, Top Soil, Rock Quarries, Black Top, Concrete, Road Salt, Washing Material with screen sizes from ¾” up to 4” in size.  With buckets sizes from 33 Cubic Feet to 300 Cubic Feet in one bucket.  The S45 shown in this video 1.35 cubic meters or 47.7 cubic feet per load and screen the material in less than one minute.

To learn more contact Mike at LandWorks Services LLC at 716-970-4000.  For more FlipScreen information see www.FlipScreenGlobal.com  to establish a dealership, partnership or purchase.


00:00 = UPS Freight Delivery
00:58 = Introduction
02:22 = Close Up using the S45 Flipscreen on a John Deere 323E Skidsteer
04:34 = Models for Excavators, and moving 300 Tons of Foundation Dirt
08:00 = Final Wrap up

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