Landscaping and Drainage Services – Tearing out old sidewalk and fixing drainage issues.

JD60G EngconHead wih Grapple – Fixing Drainage and New Landscaping with John Deere 35G, 60G and Engcon Tiltrotor Head.

This video shows a landscaping project that involves fixing drainage issues and creating new landscaping using John Deere equipment. Here is a breakdown of the timeline in the video, it starts with an introduction to the landscape project.
Removing the sidewalk then changing buckets on the John Deere 35G and 110TLB machines.  Goes over removing clay and setting the grade.  We then trench for drainage and a 4-inch pipe is installed.  The pipe is covered and filled using the John Deere 35G.


We then bring in a new John Deere 60G with Engcon Tiltrotor head and begin grading for the new sidewalk.  We then move a 9,000 lbs rock and using the Engcon crave out a new spot for the big rock.  When then pour the concrete, layout of bottom stone drainage and plastic.  For fun we sow a couple trips to the gravel pit for teh pea gravel used as the final landscaping.  We the rake the yard with an Erskin Rockhound and set new grass seed.  

And finally, install Landscape Loc and spray on the pea gravel to hold it in place.

LAndscape Loc

Landscape Loc – 5 Gallon Bucket:


00:00 = Landscape Introduction
00:39 = Removing the Sidewalk
06:03 = Chaning Buckets with John Deere 35G and 110TLB
06:34 = Clearing out Clay and setting grade
09:06 = Digging trench for drainage and 4 inch pipe
12:44 = Covering Pipe and filling with John Deere 35G
13:55 = Unloading new John Deere 60G with Engcon Tiltrotor head
14:33 = Cutting new sidewalk with Engcon Tiltrotor head
20:17 = Moving 9,000 lbs rock and digging set point
26:22 = Pouring Sidewalk
31:15 = Layout botton stone drainage and laying down plastic
34:27 = Trip to the gravel pit for pea gravel
36:16 = Continue layout out plastic and pea gravel top
40:44 = Last trip to the gravel pit for pea gravel
44:14 = Wrapping up Plastic and pea gravel top
51:05 = Racking with Erskin Rockhound and seeding the new grass
53:19 = Spraying Landscape Loc on Pea Gravel
56:36 = Final Wrap-Up of Project

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