Massive Tree Removal: Tackling 11 80ft Giants with John Deere 60G & Engcon EC206 Tiltrotor!

JohnDeere 60G Engcon Tiltrotor

John Deere 60G Meets Engcon EC206 Tiltrotor: A Game-Changer in Tree Removal

There’s always something electric in the air when a powerful machine is brought to a daunting task. This time, it was the challenge of removing 11 massive, 80ft tall pine trees. The hero of our story? The new John Deere 60G, fitted with the revolutionary Engcon EC206 tiltrotor head.

The Powerhouse: John Deere 60G

At the heart of this impressive feat is the John Deere 60G. A beast powered by a Yanmar Engine boasting 53 HP, it carries the weight of its formidable reputation with its 13,690 lbs. But, it’s not just about raw power. With its 32-gallon fuel tank, it ensures prolonged operations, limiting the need for constant refueling, a godsend when you’re in the middle of an intense tree removal project.

But what makes the John Deere 60G truly stand out from the crowd? Its compatibility with attachments, like the Engcon EC206 tiltrotor, that elevate its capabilities from impressive to mind-blowing.

The Game-Changing Engcon EC206 Tiltrotor

Enter the Engcon EC206 Tiltrotor. Weighing in at 405 lbs, it’s a marvel of engineering. Attachments like the detachable grapple (99 lbs) and the stone grapple (395 lbs) make tree removal not only more efficient but an almost artistic endeavor. With a combined weight of 14,589 lbs, this combination is nothing short of a tree removal juggernaut.

Using the EC206 tiltrotor, we maneuvered with precision, tackling each tree with a finesse that seemed almost poetic. The Engcon’s seamless integration with the John Deere 60G proves why they’re a match made in heavy machinery heaven.

Engcon’s reputation precedes itself. Their tiltrotors are famous for their precision and reliability, and the EC206 is no exception. For more details on this exceptional piece of equipment, I recommend a visit to Engcon’s website.

LandPro Equipment: The Trusted Provider

Our John Deere 60G, along with the Engcon attachments, was sourced from LandPro Equipment. Their expert team ensured we had the right tools for the task, showcasing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

My Conclusion

In the world of tree removal, efficiency, power, and precision are key. The combination of the John Deere 60G and Engcon EC206 tiltrotor is a testament to what’s possible when top-tier machinery meets challenging tasks. For those in the industry, this isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a game-changer. If you’re looking to tackle the giants of nature with unmatched elegance and power, look no further.

Stay tuned as we build more videos around John Deere and Engcon.


00:18 = Project Introduction
00:26 = John Deere 60G and Engcon Specifications
01:03 = Engcon Hand Controls
02:34 = Pulling the first tree down
07:31 = Pulling the second tree down
09:13 = Pulling the third tree over
14:30 = Pulling the fouth tree close to the barn
15:54 = Pulling the fifth tree over 90ft and sits right on the barn
17:45 = Headed out back to setup stagging area for saw mill
21:14 = Pushing over sixth tree next to chicken coop
22:35 = Pushing over seventh tree attached to chicken coop roof
25:38 = Pushing over eigth tree between buildings
30:46 = Pusing the next and never had to move the compost bin
33:55 = Last two trees in front of the barn, down the driveway she goes
36:26 = Driveway cleanup
38:28 = Saw mill area tree cleanup
42:00 = Cleanup driveway and remove material to dump area
44:52 = Take logs out back to stagging area for saw mill
42:00 = Cleanup driveway and remove material to dump area
50:14 = Final Project Wrap-Up

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